Monday, February 23, 2009

Demon Circle.

Let me first make myself clear; I am not a gothic girl at all "loool". I love romance and I will always do. I just don't have any of it in my life right now "lool".

I made this kit for some friends of mine that like this "gothic thing".

And I called it Demon Circle.
The kit is a taggers kit, are made out of 4 colors and it includes:
5 beads
3 big roses
4 bow dots
3 color bows
3 crisscross eyelets
3 flowers
2 chrom frames
2 glitter frames
9 glitter accents
5 locks
2 metal flowers
2 double metal flowers
4 paper clips
3 rhinestone accents
1 rhinestone frame
2 ribbon hearts
3 roses
2 satin ribbons
2 signs
2 stars
6 silver tags
8 papers

The papers are 800 x 800 pixels and are saved in 300 dpi. The elements are saved in 100 dpi. All files are png-files.

Not all elements are shown in the preview.

Personal use only.

The prize is $2.50 and you can buy it in my stores.

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