Friday, February 13, 2009

Blue Romance

I got a question from Michelle to make something for the Michelles Angels Newspaper. And I decided to make a taggers kit. And since blue is my favourite color it turned out blue.

This kit is made out of 3 different colors and it includes:
3 beadstrings
2 binders
3 bitebuttons
2 blingbows
3 broderie
3 buttons
3 charms
2 doodle accents
3 elegancebows
16 different flowers
2 frames
3 journals
3 round flowers
3 safetypins
3 satinbows
2 topswag
3 windmills
9 papers
The papers size is 800 x 800 pixels and they are saved as png-file in 300 dpi. The elements are saved in 100 dpi.
All items are shown in the preview, but not in all colors. Personal use only.

The prize is $2.50 and you can buy the kit in my stores.

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