Monday, January 19, 2009

Forwarding the award.

There are so many nice blogs and good scrappers out there that do some awesome work, and they all deserve an award. But I have found some blogs that I want to give this award to that I received from Andrea.

These are the ones that I picked out:

Azyzam in Azyzam Designs.
Because she is a great designer and her creations are just georgeous.

Malgorzata in Emka Designs.
This is because she has some quickpages and layouts that are just awesome!

Ali in Dezings By Ali.
Her creations is stunning and there are some tutorials that are made out of her kits.

Jeanette in Easy Custom Blogs.
She has written some great tips on how to make a blog that are very usefull.

Norene in Cajun Design Scrapz.
She have some creations that just are so nice and she allows us to use many of them in our kits.

I hope you like the award.

Hugs, Maggie

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